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What The Future Of Real Estate Has In Store BY PAUL ESAJIAN | @PAUL_ESAJIAN Key Takeaways The future of real estate technology Future of real estate agents Real estate housing market future Real estate future according to experts Emerging technologies and shifting homebuyer demographics have begun to shake up the real estate industry in recent years. These factors […]

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Should I Get My Real Estate License? By Than Merrill Is it worth getting a real estate license as an investor? Is there any reason today’s investors should go through the trouble of getting licensed? After all, what does a real estate license allow you to do that you can’t do already? Investing in real estate has grown […]

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How To Apply (& Get Accepted) For Real Estate Loans  BY PAUL ESAJIAN | @PAUL_ESAJIAN Key Takeaways Real estate loans commonly refer to traditional mortgages, though there are other types of financing available.   To learn how to get a real estate loan, investors first need to identify the right loan type for them.  The first step in qualifying […]

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